Scented Candle Sicilian Thyme

SKU: TCC087 TCAG2 U0045


Dolce&Gabbana Casa presents a line of scented candles, authentic high-quality aromatic harmonies. From the freshness of citrus scents to the intensity of spicy accents, from the elegance of floral notes to the vivacity of Mediterranean herbs, each candle leads to a sensorial journey through memories and sensations.

Aromatic, balsamic, vigorous: The protagonist of this candle is thyme: a heavenly scent, according to the poet Virgil, and a symbol of courage for the ancient Greeks. Thyme grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub in Sicily, dispersing an aromatic, balsamic, vigorous fragrance. Combined with woody heart notes, this aroma is an invitation to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the luxuriant nature with your imagination.

• Weight: 250 g -8.82 oz
• Exclusive packaging
• Made in Italy

Candle: wax
Wick: cotton
Fragrance protective cover: paper

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