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Fornasetti is a design universe on its own conjured by the vivid imagination of its founder, Piero Fornasetti. He dabbled in drawings, paintings, graphic as well as product design. So immense and unbounded were the imagery created by Fornasetti that he is considered one of the most prolific artists of his time. Throughout his colorful career, Fornasetti produced a total of 13,000 works that defined furniture and decorative arts for the 20th century.

These works were conceived in his atelier which was established in the 50s. In this special space, he produced limited edition prints that would bring art to every home. Today, the Fornasetti name is celebrated and revered the world over for furniture and home décor accessories that embody a distinctive brand of “practical madness.” Within the Fornasetti universe, imagination meets function. In this dreamlike realm, porcelain, furniture, wallpapers and other home trimmings become operational art and design pieces.

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All our brands were handpicked and curated with the intention of bringing a piece of Opulence into your home. The building of our unique brand portfolio was inspired by the belief that every home or space has room for luxury.