Porcelain Scented Candle – Sicilian Neroli and Lemon



Dolce&Gabbana Casa presents a line of scented candles, authentic high-quality aromatic harmonies. From the freshness of citrus scents to the intensity of spicy accents, from the elegance of floral notes to the vivacity of Mediterranean herbs, each candle leads to a sensorial journey through memories and sensations.

In this candle, the scent of neroli, extracted from incredibly fragrant bitter orange blossoms, weds a zesty note of lemon. This olfactory experience transports your heart straight to the seaside, on a journey that is equally visual: the majolica pattern on the porcelain container and lid, trimmed with hand-painted silver detailing, recalls the pure white and intense blue typical of Southern Italy.

• Weight: 340 g
• Exclusive packaging
• Made in Italy

Candle: wax
Container and lid: 100% porcelain
Wick: cotton

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