Carretto Set of 6 Moka Spoons

SKU: TCPS13 TCA51 U0006


Dolce&Gabbana personalizes stylish dining with this set of 6 coffee spoons with a fresh, minimal appeal. Made of inox stainless steel and embellished with an engraved signature, the spoons are coloured with gold-toned PVD chrome: this technique is more sustainable than galvanizing, as it consumes no water, avoids chemical emissions and makes the product more resistant against corrosion.

Elegant and versatile, this set of spoons represents the ideal complement to complete a mise en place featuring the Carretto Siciliano theme: a folkloric element from a place of traditions, artistic craftsmanship, landscapes and unique colours which have always been at the heart of Dolce&Gabbana’s aesthetics.

• Length: 11 cm – 4.3 inches
• Set of 6 pieces
• Made in Italy

100% INOX stainless steel

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