Blue-White Layered Glass Vase



This small vase in Murano glass is evocative the Carretto Siciliano: a folkloric element from a place marked by traditions, artisanal craftsmanship, landscapes and unique colours which have always been at the heart of Dolce&Gabbana’s aesthetics.

Made using one of the most ancient manufacturing techniques of master Venetian glassmakers, this lip of this vase reveals two different chromatic layers which are obtained by encasing the glass. A sophisticated decor accent, this versatile vase can be used as a place marker for the most refined mise en place and transforms into a small single-flower vase to embellish any room with an elegant and discrete touch.

• Diameter: 10 cm – 3.94 inches
• Made in Italy

100% Venetian Murano Glass

Washing in dishwashing machine not recommended
Clean with a soft microfiber cloth

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